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April 29, 2010


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Today is a nice day xD and starting tomorrow, I'm going to have 4 days vacation ^O^ so i'm in good mood now x">

I will tell you guys about some Vietnamese cosplayers that I love them so much :'3

First, some in my Voc team:

:iconryuuseiki: - She is a perfect Kaito, an amazing cosplayer xD We call her "Hến", hehe ="3 I think she is most awesome when she uses short wigs =]]]] and her best characters are cool guys =]]
:iconsinnershizuka: - A very cool Len Kagamine, and also very good at crafting paper stuff :'x and she is Voc team's symbol =]
:iconyukirin-shita: - In my opinion, she is one of the most awesome Gakupo cosplayers, and she is really good at making cosplay props x"3
:iconmingii: - She looks like a queen to me, I call her "bà lão" xD Her cosplays are beautiful and she is super cool at doing Photoshop ='>
:iconmeiji0805: - A very sweet girl xD She is very beautiful, looks like an angel to me :'3 Her Luka cosplay no one can match xD

And other cosplayers:

:iconruiyujin: - She is my friend and my idol, she is nice and her cosplays are so beautiful xD
:iconk-shinichiro: - You should watch her gallery, she is awesome x'D she has the natural "coolest" :'3
:iconlanapi: - A very very cute girl, still young but kinda mature and smart xD She is one of the most lovely Len Kagamine cosplayers x">
:iconh-i-t-o-m-i: - Short but cute :'> she is very cute at Miku Hatsune cosplay and also very good at doing Photoshop.
:icono0ofairyo0o: - I know her from Hitomi. She is very nice and her Miku cosplay is lovely too ^__^
:icondan-gyokuei: - She is almost my idol xD Her super awesome cosplay gallery makes everybody falls in love completely T^T
:iconmellysa: - Super talented photographer and very cool cosplayer xD Visit her gallery and you'll see by yourself :'D
:iconlishrayder: - OMG this girl is super lovely, when I look at her, I just wanna hug her cheeks xD
:icondark1110: - Her Hetalia cosplay is super awesomeeee! Should watch by yourself :'>


Oh well, maybe that's all xD I couldn't remember more. Click their avatars and visit their gallery, will ya? ^__________^


What about you? Do you love any cosplayers? Tell me :'3
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You're also a very cute Viet cosplayer, Meimei. You should have put yourself on that list. :P
nyaomeimei May 2, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
haha, how could i do that? :D
Good point. You're still one of DA's cutest, though. ;)
A, tớ không ngờ lại được bạn nghĩ về tớ như thế. Cảm ơn bạn nhiều lắm!

nyaomeimei Apr 29, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
có j mà không ngờ chứ :(
gấu trúc xD
A, tại tớ tưởng bạn nghĩ tớ là 1 cá con bơi qua bơi lại thôi. :))

Cá vàng dễ hơn hơn gấu trúc! :X
eh... ôm ḿnh xẹp má bạn thổi phồng lên đền à ;A;
nyaomeimei Apr 29, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
ừ ḿnh sẽ mượn cái đồ bơm bong bóng bơm cho lish :">
hứa đó nha =))
dark1110 Apr 29, 2010  Student Photographer
LOL. Bạn Hến được khen mà c̣n ư kiến ư c̣. :))
Thanks Mei-can. You're lovely, too. <3 <3
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